The Coffe Packing has focused on paper packaging since 1986.

Coffe Packing is a Top 30 paper packaging enterprise on Mainland China.

Its premises occupy more than 1000,000 square meters, the building area of 600,000 square meters, with plant assets of more than USD$230 million.

With core competence in color carton boxes, Coffe Packing is a stable partner for outstanding customers such as Bayer, Macy's, HP, and Jockey.

Every year Coffe Packing develops business cooperation with new big customers.

With honest and sincere working attitude Coffe Packing is becoming the first and best choice for domestic and foreign customers.


1.Transport Packaging
2.Fruit & Vegetable Packaging
3.Food Packaging
4.Wine & Beer Packaging
5.Gifts Packaging
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$0.38 - $0.87/Pieces
1000 Pieces(Min. Order)
$0.31 - $0.65/Pieces
1000 Pieces(Min. Order)
$0.51 - $1.12/Piece
1000 Pieces(Min. Order)
$0.34 - $0.85/Piece
500 Pieces(Min. Order)